Statewide Democratic Conference 

Special Guests: US Congressman Jim Cooper, Mayor Karl Dean, Rep. Craig Fitzhugh and US Senate candidate James Mackler.

2017 Workshop Syllabus 

County Parties: Building to Win

Democratic County Parties are building the road to winning elections in 2018 by performing 5 core functions:

Community Outreach- Time to bring Democrats out into the light by creating your outreach strategy, publicizing your events, and sharing your success!

Messaging Our Values- Need to know what to say- and how to say it- when your neighbor or co-worker starts talking like Fox News? If you're ready to speak up for Tennessee's Democratic values and issues effectively and convincingly, we've got the answers for you.

Candidate Recruitment- Messages need messengers and it's everybody's job to find, encourage, and support potential Democratic candidates to step into the arena. 

Using Data to Win with Votebuilder- Learn how powerful organizing tools connect campaigns with excited volunteers and make the difference in tough elections. Winning elections takes voters and voters need to hear from real people, face to face.

Building the Votes with Precinct Organizing - Organizing techniques to build Democratic voter contact at the most basic level, one community, neighborhood, or block at a time.  Here's how to build a dynamic volunteer organization that finds the Democrats that live next door or just down the road. 

Focused for everyone that wants to build the Democratic Party!

2 1/2 hrs

What Does it Take to Run?

Find answers to questions like: What should I expect as a candidate, which office is right for me and why should anyone vote for me? Also, learn about the important first steps when you prepare to run and key pitfalls to avoid.

Focused for anyone interested in learning more about campaigns and prospective candidates.

1 hr

Virtual Phone Bank Leadership

DO try this at home! Learn how you can set up a phone bank in your own county to help any candidate win. Hands on and practical as we run a volunteer phone bank and make calls to win TN State House District 95.

Focused for anyone that wants to help Democrats win!

1 hr

Volunteer Recruitment and Getting Started with "MyCampaign" in Votebuilder

Volunteer recruitment isn't easy, so here's the detailed skills you need for building your volunteer crew. You'll be introduced to My Campaign, the powerful tool in Votebuilder that helps you manage your volunteers and meet your goals.

Focused for anyone that wants to help Democrats win!

1 hr

Good Trouble: Activism for Democrats

Leading direct action, legislative action, communications, and persuasion.

Focused for Democratic leaders, County Parties, other Democratic organizations, volunteers and activists

2 hours






9:30am - Block I (Attend One)- with US Congressman Jim Cooper visiting each session for Q&A

  • TDCCA Business Meeting
  • What Does it Take to Run?
  • Virtual Phone Bank Leadership

11:00am –Block II (Attend One)

  • County Party Chair and Officers Leadership Workshop
  • What Does it Take to Run? (offered twice to accommodate demand!)
  • Volunteer Recruitment and MyCampaign


Lunch- with Special Guest: Mayor Karl Dean

            postcards for Julie

1:00pm- Block III

County Parties: Building to Win

  • Community Outreach
  • Messaging Our Values
  • Candidate Recruitment
  • Using Data to Win with Votebuilder
  • Building the Votes with Precinct Organizing

4pm- Block IV

Good Trouble


Dinner with Special Guest Rep. Craig Fitzhugh

(Schedule subject to change)


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