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TDCCA 2017 Vision

  • Develop county party leadership in every part of the state, from rural to urban. 
  • Build effective local networks of Hometown Democrats in every county.  
  • Promote the issues that matter to Tennesseans, like Affordable Quality Healthcare, strong Public Education, building a broader and growing Middle Class.
  • Help our county parties to engage and energize their communities with powerful new technology, effective websites, social media and organizing tools.
  • Train volunteers to work together to mobilize voters and Get Out the Vote for Democrats.
  • Recruit and elect Democrats with a renewed focus on local representation - and with a perspective that looks well beyond the next election cycle.

Help fund this progressive agenda to gain long-term success for Tennessee.

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Where has the effort been from the Republicans to help with the recreating of the needed manufacturing jobs and for reducing the trade deficits so that our economy can recover and not cause another great depression? From the way the Republicans have acted in trying to cause President Obama’s failure and preventing him from using the role of our governmet to prevent another great depression, it would appear that they are trying to cause the failure of this Republic.
When President Obama took office, on day one, the Republicans met to plan their tactics and their strategies on how they would cause the President to fail in trying to do his job. Then Senator McConnell from Kentucky publicly announced that it was, “their number one objective to cause the President to fail during his first term to insure that he would not be elected again.”
Does anyone not question what the economic conditions of this Republic would have been if the Republicans and the tea persons had succeeded in causing the failure of President Obama’s policies?
WHY do the people not relate to the history of what happened during the first four years of the 1929 great depression then and how the anti-government people acted when FDR was the President?.
DID the Republicans have a plan for a short-term or even a long-term recovery plan for the 1929 great depression during their four years? But yet after FDR was President, they still did not want to help and were against everything FDR DID to put the people back to work by using the power of our government.
COMPARE the conditions of this country between 1929 and 1933 with what the conditions were after the 2007 great Recession and what is happening now with Obama as the President, trying to prevent another GREAT DEPRESSION.
ARE there any doubts, by the people who are not in denial, about what the conditions were after the eight years of the last Republican administration as this country being on the verge of anther great depression at the start of 2009? UNDER these economic conditions, one would think all of the political parties would want to work together for keeping our Republic STRONG? BUT NO, AT THS period, we not only have the anti government foes we also have the enemies of our President, wanting to destroy and obstruct everything he tries to prevent another great depression. Does this indicate that these enemies of the US. government and of President Obama want to weaken this Republic to the conditions that it was in 1933 before FDR?
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Hi Reggie Sprinkle, Thanks for inviting me onto your face book. As you see I'm a Bama fan. The Bracken/Brackin family's first immigrate, William Bracken, came to America in the year of 1699 on a sailing ship Britannia, Richard Nicholes, Commande