Become a monthly supporter!

Become a monthly supporter! Your contribution builds skills, resources, and the long-term energy we need to elect Democrats and put our state back on the right track... let's work together! 

  • Develop county party leadership in every part of the state, from rural to urban. 
  • Build effective local networks of Hometown Democrats in every county.  
  • Promote the values that matter to Tennesseans: hard work, opportunity, and fairness. Help Democrats work together for issues like Affordable Quality Healthcare, strong Public Education, building a broader and growing Middle Class.
  • Help our county parties to engage and energize their communities with powerful new technology, effective websites, social media and organizing tools.
  • Train volunteers to work together to mobilize voters and Get Out the Vote for Democrats.
  • Recruit and elect Democrats with a renewed focus on local representation - and with a perspective that looks well beyond the next election cycle.

Click here to learn more about the ways you can help by donating a monthly amount that fits your budget with ease. Join the team putting Tennessee back on the right path by selecting the level that's right for you! 

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