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Hi Ann, Registration table will open Saturday at 8:15 and the conference will begin at 9am.
The Morgan University Center does not have a mailing address. However, if you google “Morgan University Center, Clarksville, TN” it does accurately place the building on your google map. You can also access the map page by using the link on our registration page just under the “WHERE” section.
To explain: Morgan University Center is just off College Street behind the main University entrance at the “T” intersection of College St and University Ave (also known as N 16th St or ALT 41A in maps) To access the Morgan University Center and parking, there are driveways between Drane St and 8th, both of which are on google map, but not named. There is a street sign at the driveway marking College St and Browning Dr. (Tho Browning Dr is not labeled on google maps, it is roughly across from University Ave (Alt 41A)/ North 16th and the Church of Christ Student Center.) I hope that this helps, it can be tricky! Looking forward to seeing you! ~Maria
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I hope to keep improving the links and maps here as well! If anyone finds better resolution versions or easier interactive links, feel free to post in the comments!

On the Ledge: Planning a Grassroots Strategy for the 2014 General Assembly

a session about the upcoming issues more than a wrap-up of issues, and action items to get county activists in shape for the intensive civic work out of influencing our legislative process.

What practical things can we counties do to get mobilized and ready?

Perhaps a orientation and then Q&A with effective groups like Chris Sanders from TEP, Citizen Action Mary Mancini, and Kathy Chambers? Not to do policy analysis of their issues, but to learn how citizen lobbying works best. 

Then possibly give them a tabling opportunity between the last session and dinner time?

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I think this shows great insight- how can we make this a teachable and interactive part of the conference? We don’t want to have a discussion of latino voters if they aren’t at the table. Can we start by being inclusive in our recruitment and promotion of this event?
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Local Democratic Electeds Panel Discussion Q&A

Idea: having elected Democrats who hold local offices such as School Board, County Commission, City Council and so on answer questions from the conference participants. Questions might cover how they ran and won, how their local democrats helped them, how they fit into their communities as leaders who are Democrats. Purpose of this panel is to show all counties that they can have an impact at the local level and how important it is to build a bench of elected Democrats

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Growing your party by making it fun! Networking that's not work...

Possible interactive session with Trace Sharp: tips and ideas to think outside of the box and grow your party with a community/civic engagement model and keep it fun!

New chairs welcome...

What basic topics need to be covered to help new chairs feel ready to grow their county parties? Who would be the best facilitator for this and who has great ideas about how to make it interactive?

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yes, we want to have district caucuses. Should this be part of the chairs meeting? what if it were in the general conference and you got to meet other people from that CD as well? Also, should we have the conference hall set up by CD from the beginning to help people network?
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excellent! should fundraising be talked about in this session? or part of a broader session for everyone? perhaps a big session about fundraising/networking for everyone, and then let the treasurers break out to do compliance?
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Write your Local Media and Press Plan

Get Your County Party Noticed:

How tos: write a press release, have a press conference, host a press event reporters will come to, do a radio interview

What tos: find local issues and messages, how to connect local events to national/statewide issues

Network to find allies and leverage massages

Write your local press plan


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Become a volunteer

Join the team and meet other like-minded people in your own hometown who are ready to work to move Tennessee forward! We'll let you know when volunteer opportunities come up and who in your area is already organizing to make a difference.