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1. Association Meeting Report- Upcoming District Meetings 

2. Resources You Need- TDCCA Website Update

3. Affordable Care Act Enrollment- How you can help...

1. Association Meeting Report

Minutes from TDCCA Business Meetings will now be available on the website under the Resources Page. Please see the minutes for a full report of the most recent business meeting.


Please note that the TDCCA Membership passed the following motion at the June 8, 2013 meeting:

District Committees should meet and elect or affirm District Chairs within 60 days of this membership meeting and the Executive Board of the TDCCA will ensure this happens.


District Committees are composed of any active and former Democratic County Party Chairs in each Congressional District. The Chairs of each District Committee are members of the TDCCA Executive Board, serving with the Executive Officers as the highest governing body of the TDCCA. All County Chairs are asked to participate in organizing and attending a DISTRICT WIDE MEETING of the Chairs in your Congressional District within 60 days of the June 8th business meeting. 

If you have not heard details on an upcoming meeting in your district, simply reply to this email to contact Maria Brewer (or call 615-945-8802) so I can help connect you to other County Chairs in your Congressional District.

2. Resources Page on TDCCA Website

We're working on bringing resources you need together in one place. Whether you need training materials, maps, links to issues, or meeting ideas, we want to make those resources easy to find and use. 

At the top of the website, you'll find a new button: "RESOURCES." 

Click that and you'll open a page with links to files you can download, print, or just peruse. 

Please click here to visit the new RESOURCES page...

Note that the RESOURCES page has it's own sub-pages, such as "MINUTES" and "MAPS." These are easy to find either from the RESOURCES drop-down menu on the homepage, or as navigation buttons on the RESOURCES page.

For now, the downloadable documents are simply listed for you as links. As we add more documents, we'll be updating the way the resources are organized, so keep your eyes peeled for new developments.

And as always, add your input, requests, and contributions in the comments or on the blog.

3. Affordable Care Act Enrollment in Tennessee

Now is the time to learn how to help Tennesseans get access to affordable healthcare through the ACA. If we start to mobilize now, this will be the biggest community service effort of the coming year!


Important Dates and links:

August 3rd: Statewide enrollment conference and training hosted by Tennessee Healthcare Campaign.

August 31st: Deadline for Governor Haslam to accept Medicaid Expansion.

October 1st: Enrollment for the healthcare exchange begins.

January 1, 2014: Coverage begins for those already enrolled, and new enrollments continue.

Please make note of these dates and events so you can plan ahead and mobilize informed teams of volunteers who will help make sure Tennesseans get the healthcare coverage they need!

Thanks for staying alert! 

Looking Forward,
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