Conference Agenda and Workshops

Friday, June 7th, 6pm-9pm

Make It Blue Tennessee:

Social and Live Music, Food and Drink

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Saturday, June 8th, 9am-6pm

“Keep Calm and County Party On” Conference


On the Ledge: Creating a Grassroots Plan for the 2014 General Assembly

Presenters: Mary Mancini and Chris Sanders

Tennessee's legislative landscape, past and future. What we are up against and why grassroots organizing for power is so important. Emphasis on mobilizing your county party and strategic planning.

Working Together: Building Networks Across County Lines

Presenters: Janet Meek and Bruce Dotson

The Democratic Resource Center in Johnson City TN is a bright blue dot in the most traditionally red corner of our state. Learn how they have changed the discussion in their communities and are making progress a reality for Democrats in Tennessee!

Keep Calm and County Party On: Build the Base, to Build the Party, to Build a Bench

Presenter: Todd Sharp

Tennessee is full of Democrats who have been left out and left behind. Connecting a network of hometown Democrats is the answer. You'll get a networking tool box to build the County Party Model: Keep bringing people together no matter what. Hometown Democrats connected = Democrats elected.

Media Breakdown: Get Your News On

Presenters: Brandon Puttbrese and Trace Sharp

How to start small and build big results into your media strategy. Earned media events, press releases and conferences, and how to find the local news angle that gets people talking. Learn to use social media and networking to pump up attendance at your events and get your message out. This is what you need to know!

Finances and Compliance, Best Practices for Growing County Parties

Presenter: Matt Langley

Learn how to build fundraising networks that work smarter, not harder. Compliance questions! Answers!

Votebuilder is Your Friend, Tools for Growing County Parties

Presenter: Janet Meek, Director of the Democratic Resource Center

Share the strategic advantage that brings the voters to the polls to vote for your candidate. The time is now to get your data on!

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7pm: Dinner 

Keynote Speaker, State Representative Gloria Johnson, previous Knox County Chair

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