Democratic Lifesavers

When 7 out of 9 of our TN Congress-people have voted a combined 287 times to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, you know that the truth is being hidden from Tennesseans by cheap partisan politics. But the truth is this: Tennesseans with insurance in every county are already benefitting from the insurance reforms in the Affordable Healthcare Act. And when the Healthcare Marketplace for working but uninsured Tennesseans opens in October, hundreds of thousands could have the life-saving health insurance that they need. But only if they step forward and sign up. 

So what’s to stop them? Like any new opportunity, it takes effort to get the word out. 

And with negativity and misdirection coming from the elected Representatives who should be serving them, the people of Tennessee continue in poor health and financial distress. That’s why as Democratic County Party Chairs, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to champion this public service: telling the public the truth about the healthcare reforms, and how they can sign up for affordable insurance that will protect them and their families.

This isn’t a political game to us: we see how our neighbors, friends, church and community members suffer when they fall ill though no fault of their own, yet don’t have insurance to get the care they need. Even when favorable health outcomes are won, the financial outcomes are disastrous. An entire family’s financial security is quickly ruined paying the inflated cost of healthcare without an insurance plan. Kids don’t get to go to college because their family’s finances have been decimated, homes are lost, and medical bankruptcies become common-place. Futures are cut short, lives are lost.

As we all know when a loved one is ailing: your health is everything.  And Tennesseans need this opportunity more than most. Our health is among the worst in the nation, our medical bankruptcies among the highest. The struggle for affordable healthcare is not new to Tennessee, but now we can do something about it by using the Healthcare Marketplace, with enrollment beginning October 1st at . The reforms are in place, the Premium Tax Credits are ready to go, new healthcare clinics are becoming as numerous as Starbucks on a street corner, and coverage starts January 1st for those who enroll this fall.  But without publicity, the people who need it most just won’t know about it. Today we face high hurdles to cut through the media noise and get the facts out there.

We know that the folks in our hometowns and court-house squares need straight answers.  It doesn’t matter what party they belong to, or no party at all, our loyalty is to saving the lives of Tennesseans. Child or parent, healthy or sick, Republicans or Democrats: it doesn’t matter.  Tennessee should be a vibrant, thriving part of our nation, but we need our health.  Now we can get it, and all we have to do is just spread the word…

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