Help support Democratic Volunteer leaders!

With your help, we'll be able to bring more great Democratic volunteer leaders to our Statewide Democratic Conference. Your donation of $35, $65, $95 or more will pay a Conference registration fee for one of our County Chairs, new Candidates, or County volunteers. These volunteers and leaders come from all over the state and have to cover travel and lodging expenses in addition to conference registration. Your help will make a real difference and help Democrats Get it Done!

Click Here to make a donation of support! We promise to make it count...


All Democrats Welcome: County Chairs, Officers and County Executive Committee Members, Elected Officials, State Executive Committee Members, Activists, Volunteers, Candidates, Campaigns and supporters. 

Conference Agenda

Welcome Speaker Mayor Kim McMillan
Tennessee Values Panel Discussion- Bringing the Issues Home to Voters
Votebuilder Training- hands-on Computer Lab
Message Builders Media Planning
Lunchtime Candidate Round-up
Building Your GOTV Plan
Evening Banquet

Inspiration Breakfast
TDCCA Membership Meeting
Nationbuilder Website Training- hands-on Computer Lab
Email, Social Media
Congressional District Meetings
Your 2014 Vision Plan

Click Here to make a donation of support! We promise to make it count...

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