Rally for a Stronger Middle Class

Democrats! -- Very exciting news: President Barack Obama will make a speech Tuesday in Chattanooga, Tenn. 

"Good jobs. A better bargain for the middle class and folks working to join it. An economy that grows from the middle-out. This is where I will focus my energies... But I won't be able to do it alone, so I'm going to be calling on all of us to take up this cause." President Barack Obama

The President's remarks will focus on building a stronger middle class. The speech is scheduled to be at the Amazon Fulfillment Center, but the time has not been announced.


The purpose of this Rally is to Welcome the President to TN! Join supporters and volunteers across the community as we answer the President's call to ACTION. Bring signs, wear Democratic Tshirts, gather with fellow Tennesseans who are supporting a BETTER BARGAIN for a stronger middle class! Our presence will speak volumes about Tennessee and the multitude of citizens who support a positive direction for our nation, rather than the misinformation, division, and fear so common today.



Old Navy

2220 Hamilton Pl Blvd

Chattanooga, TN 37421


Redoubt Soccer Field has been closed for security.

We're going to meet up in the parking lot of Old Navy. We'll use the Old Navy lot as the staging area. Once we know which streets are accessible, we'll direct people to those streets to greet the President's motorcade. We need all our supporters to remain flexible because we don't know which streets are accessible. Some come and meet up at Old Navy and we'll direct you from there so you can show your love & affection for President Obama!!

We will gather in strength at multiple locations to welcome the President to Tennessee by holding up signs, posters, and hearing about the importance of building a stronger middle class!

At this time we know that the public will NOT be able to watch the speech at the Amazon facility. Just to be perfectly clear: this rally will NOT include an in-person viewing of the President's address.

We will rally while the President is in Chattanooga to show our positive support for a Stronger Middle Class and display that Tennessee is full of organized, fired-up Democrats who are not giving up! Spread the word and join in! We're expecting a huge turnout so please RSVP and pass it on so we can show the President how much love and support he has here in Tennessee!

Please RSVP here if you can make it to Chattanooga on Tuesday the 30th.

For the most current updates on Tuesday, RSVP on the OFA event!


July 30, 2013 at 9am - 3pm
Old Navy
2220 Hamilton Place Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37421
United States
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Thank you
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WE. Need to get the word out to every interested person wanting to be there to SHOW SUPPORT for the President. After all, he is the Elected President. OF these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and trying to PREVENT the economic destruction of this REPUBLIC while his ENEMIES are trying to destroy the ECONOMIC structure for all of our citizens.
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0Check out the The BRADLEY COUNTY DEMOCRAT Party’s picture on FaceBook. The signs are from the DNC @ Charlotte, NC. WILL BRING the signs that I have to share.
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I can’t make it to do signs but I am calling and emailing all people I know, probably 300 so far. We are so excited here and fired up and ready to go.
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Please RSVP: Rally for a Stronger Middle Class http://www.tntdcca.com/rallypotuscha?recruiter_id=1019
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Please RSVP: Rally for a Stronger Middle Class
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Please RSVP: Rally for a Stronger Middle Class http://www.tntdcca.com/rallypotuscha?recruiter_id=407
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Please RSVP: Rally for a Stronger Middle Class
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When = Tuesday JULY 30th
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